10 Must Do Things To See And Do In Peru that aren’t Machu Picchu

Many come to Peru to hike the Inca Trail, a four day ascent through epic mountain scenery culminating in the hidden ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. But there must be other things to see and do in Peru? Off the beaten track experiences in Peru without the crowds? From endless miles of barren desert on the western coast to the dense, humid jungle of the Amazon. High altitude towns that appear in the middle of imposing Andean mountain ranges to high octane deserts brimming with opportunities for adventure. Here are the 10 best things to do in Peru.




Sand boarding in Huacachina.


Find the highest dune, hop off the 4×4 buggy that you’ve been racing through the empty desert in and grab a board. Like snowboarding but warmer, sand-boarding is taking off in Peru. All you need is good balance and a bit of skill. Or, in the absence of either, good old hands and knees is just as fun! Huacachina lies on the western coast of Peru. A small oasis in a barren desert of rolling sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Jump on a sand buggy from here and venture into the desert for a white knuckle ride traversing the steep dunes and transient landscapes.




The women’s weaving project – Cusco


Historically weaving has played an important part in the culture of the local Quechua people of Peru, telling stories through the generations as the craft has been handed down from one woman to another. Just outside of Cusco tourism is being used to support the communities of local women through their weaving (Planeterra Womens weaving workshop). Everything from how the dye is made, spun and woven to the finished product is demonstrated. Sales from the alpaca wool and handicrafts made by the community help support the families and preserve their way of life.




Lake Titicaca and the floating islands of Uros


Landing on the floating islands of Uros is like stepping into another world. Everything is made of reeds from the floor you stand on to the simple single room houses that local life is centred around. The lake is the lifeblood of the community providing the food, shelter and protection: The people were said to have moved here to escape invaders. The high altitude lake providing an impenetrable barrier which leaves them isolated and protected to this day. Traditional reed boats are the only way to get around linking one family island to the next. Cut off from modern technology and convenience these islands thrive on their traditional ways.


10 best things to do in Peru


Is Tea one of the best things to do in Peru?


Winding through the high Andes reaching heights of over four thousand meters above sea level altitude sickness is a real threat. Lucky for us the Peruvians have several solutions to this; chocolate (always a favourite), coffee and something a little stronger. Known as Inca tea locals use a mix of herbs, including the coca leaf, with hot water to create a potent remedy to counteract the thin air.




Flamingo spotting at 16,000 feet


Along the roads between Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu not much survives in the thin Andean air. Large expanses of flat land intersperse the rugged mountain landscape of the Andes, rain water collects on the plains providing an unlikely home for some of Peru’s most unusual inhabitants. Bright pink and standing on one spindly leg it’s a wonder how Flamingo’s survive in this inhospitable landscape but they do gathering in what’s commonly known as a flamboyance of flamingos.


The best things to see and do in Peru


Overindulge in Arequipa


Come for the colonial architecture that gives fame to Peru’s second largest city, stay for the eats. Arequipa is well known for its baroque buildings hewn from the white rock of the three great volcanoes that surround the area. But the city is now undergoing somewhat of a food renaissance. With everything from the archetypal deep fried Guinea pig to sublime Alpaca steaks (think beef taste meets lamb tenderness) and Ocopa (boiled potato in a spicy creamy sauce). Que Rico!




Hike alongside the Condors in Colca Canyon


It’s quite hard to travel around the central highlands of Peru and not find an amazing backdrop of mountains, rivers or agricultural remnants of ancient civilizations. But Colca Canyon takes some beating. From the friendly cultural hub of Chivay, travellers can make their way into one of the deepest canyons in the world and take advantage of a range of adventure sports on offer. To take in the full enormity of it all visit “Cruz del Condor” viewpoint to spot Andean Condors cruising the thermals.


Ballestas Islands the Galapagos Islands of Peru


Experience “Peru’s Galapagos” at Ballestas Islands


Jumping on Ecuador’s bandwagon, day trips to the Boobie-filled Ballestas Islands are easily available from Lima. For a more unique experience spend a night or two in Paracas. Sample fresh Ceviche and learn how the birds of Ballestas make it possible for people to live in this dry desert. Then, take an early boat tour with a local guide to avoid the day tripping crowds. Spot everything from pelicans to penguins on these wildlife rich rocks just off shore.


Paracas Beach Peru


Party like a local in Paracas


Peruvians know how to throw a good fiesta and the small seaside town of Paracas is no exception. Arrive during a local festival and the party extends from the town to take over the whole beach. With live performances and glitter and glamour a plenty. Time to get familiar with another local tradition; Pisco sours!


River Cruise on the Amazon in Peru


Go wildlife spotting in Peru’s Amazon


Arrive by plane to Puerto Maldonado deep in the Peruvian Amazon. From here travel a few hours by bus and boat further into the jungle. Eventually you will find a small eco lodge surrounded by the astoundingly bio-diverse Tambopata Reserve. Go full Attenborough as you spot pocket monkeys, hummingbirds, capybara (the world’s largest rodent), caiman and all sorts of bird life. Avoid the temptation for a quick dip to escape the heat here though, piranhas lurk just out of site beneath the murky waters.

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