5 Top foodie spots not to miss in Mirissa

1. The No.1 Roti Shop

No.1 Roti Shop – Tucked away on a backstreet is one of the best Rotis you will ever eat! The family that run the shop used to have a small stall on the main street until demand grew so big they couldn’t keep up. So came the idea of turning their humble home into a restaurant that is now one of the best loved places in Mirissa!

2. Salt

Nothing can beat sitting on the beach with a cold beer or cocktail in hand staring out across the ocean. A day can easily be whiled away at Salt eating bacon for breakfast, a trendy salad for lunch and a steak dinner. Why go anywhere else!

Beach Cows South Coast Sri Lanka
The cows have an alright life!

3. The Original Rocket Burger

A small franchise with just a few select burgers on the menu and maybe a couple soft drinks if you’re lucky. Grab a beer from next door and indulge in one of the best burgers you’ll ever taste!

4. O Mirissa Cafe and Bistro

If the heat, bugs and general delights of Asia get too much escape to a little slice of Italy. Upstairs in O Mirissa Cafe and Bistro you will find an air conditioned oasis with delightfully Italian décor and dishes.

5. Central Beach Restaurant and Inn

Strolling down the beach of Mirissa you can’t miss the abundant fresh seafood on offer that’s been caught the same day. One of the best places to try this is Central Beach. Grab a wooden chair in the sand and pick your dish and how you want it cooked.