The Best 6 Travel Films to Inspire a Wander

Because we can’t all travel non-stop around the globe sometimes we need to find our travel inspiration from elsewhere. Here are my top films to inspire, daydream over and evoke some good old fashioned wanderlust!


Into the wild


Into the wild Follows a young college graduate who leaves a career and life planned out for him by his parents to travel across America. Spending some time at burning man and living with hippies. His ultimate destination? To live as one with nature in the wilds of Alaska.






A young woman struggling to cope with the loss of her mother gets caught up in a cycle of drugs and casual affairs to fill the void. At her breaking point, she decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Alone in the wilderness of Americas Southwest she rediscovers the strength her mother had brought her up to have and walked her way towards a better life.





The Way


After his sons tragic death trying to hike the Camino way in Spain, an uptight father decides to finish the adventure with the very same backpack and equipment his son was going to use. Picking up travellers along the way the story follows him dealing with his own grief and the re-evaluation of his own life.



A walk in the woods


Travel writer Bill Bryson sees his life grind to a halt after retirement. A longing to get back to adventure and a life on the road sees him reunite with an old unlikely partner to walk the Appalachian trail through America’s national parks. A light-hearted comedy proving you’re never too old for an adventure, even if you do need a break or two along the way!







A woman from a troubled background makes the decision to trek from Alice Springs in the heart of the Australian outback to the west coast. She takes on the help of three camels and her best pal, Diggity the dog, and sets out occasionally meeting with the national geographic journalist that would document her epic adventure. A truly inspiring story of a truly remarkable woman.



Hector and the search for happiness


Hector, Simon Pegg, is a psychologist driven mad by the mundanity and repetition of everyday life. The question of “what is happiness?” drives him to escape his life and travel the world, encountering all kinds of happiness as well as sadness from different cultures around the globe. Realising the two emotions are intertwined brings his own life some perspective and meaning. Lovely film and weirdly inspiring.




Any I’ve missed? I’d love to hear about your favourite travel films, leave a comment below;

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