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Jo Williams

Jo Williams



First trip away

I went on a camping trip with my friend around the USA’s national parks. We hiked around Yosemite, Red Wood, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Arches and Zion, got lost in Vegas and took a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. Wanderlust got me good.


First Solo Trip

I told my job I needed to take a month off, surprisingly, they said yes! Off I went to Vietnam on a group tour, then on to Angkor Wat in Cambodia finishing in Bangkok. My first taste of Asia and solo adventure! Later the same year I was made redundant, so off I went again. This time on a solo backpacking trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji where I swam with Manta Rays and did my first scuba dive.

2015- 2017

live to work or Work to live?

I flitted around between jobs fitting in trips wherever I could; Costa Rica, Peru, Iceland (twice!), and a fair few European city breaks. Meeting more and more people in the industry who seemed suspiciously happy with their lives. I landed my dream job in corporate finance, 9-5 and all the perks. It’s what I’d always wanted, but I wasn’t happy…

Something had to change

I saw travel as the answer to living a life less ordinary. I couldn’t sit in the same office eating the same cr*ppy sandwich every day. I needed to see the world, meet new people, learn about myself. So I applied for every job in travel I could find, joined nomad groups online, researched the industry to see where I could use my skills and live the life I wanted. 


65 countries later, and still counting!

Since 2017 I’ve been driving all around Europe showing young folks some of the best bits of the continent. I spend winters continuing the nomad life on epic backpacking trips to South America and Asia, occasionally stopping in London to check in with the family.

It's a lot of fun!
the best part is meeting incredible people from all over the globe!

To my great surprise the best bit isn’t the travelling. Say what?! Nope, sounds corny, but it’s the people I meet and work with that makes the job so rewarding. Seeing someones face as they drive through the Swiss Alps for the first time or the moment they hurl themselves out of their comfort zone by paragliding off of a cliff in Austria is pure joy.


Sharing a passion for travel and seeing first hand how travel can change lives inspired this blog.

That’s why Lost Wanders is here. To inspire you to travel more and spread the word that travel isn’t that expensive, not to mention it’s a lot bloody funner than sitting in an office cubicle! 

What is lost wanders

Wanderlust and Travel Inspiration 83%
Ways To Travel Cheaper/More 68%
Dry British Humour 56%
Wildlife and Nature 65%
Adding Up Percentages Incorrectly 100%


About Lost Wanders

The secret to life is making it up as you go. It’s the key to ‘adulting’, and once you stumble across this wonderful fact life gets a lot simpler. 

Because truthfully, no one has a bloody clue what they’re doing! It’s fantastic! 

And once you accept that it gives you the freedom to do, well, anything you dam well please!

So what are you waiting for?

Lost Wanders is all about getting lost. Working less, travelling more. Because travel isn’t about getting the same picture everyone else has. And it’s not about ticking things off of someone else’s list. 

It’s about you, living your life. Life is short, so make the most of it.

Life is for exploring the incredible world we live in. And the amazing things you are capable of when you give yourself the freedom to give it a go.

Travel like a pro

Did you know travel doesn’t have to be expensive? Imagine being able to afford a trip every month. Or how about not going back to work at all?

Lost Wanders gives you the tools you need to know right now to work less and travel more.