I love maps. Long before I became a full time traveller I spent hours looking at globes and atlases. Countless quiet days in the office consisted of looking at satellite images of some undiscovered rainforest in deepest Peru. When Google earth launched the world became smaller and suddenly we could see a 360 street view of Ulaanbaatar from the comfort of our own living rooms. Now you can have a look inside the International Space Station and even underwater at the Great Barrier reef!

Anyway I digress… Over the years I have put together all of my greatest travel aspirations as “want to go” points on Google maps. And slowly, as I have checked them off and found new hidden gems, I’ve created ‘best bits’ maps of each country. These are my top recommendations and favourite secret spots that not everyone knows about. Follow Lost Wanders maps on Google to use on your next trip, and don’t forget to download offline maps if you’re travelling without data!

Lost Wanders Map of Austria
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Lost Wanders Map of France
Map of the best bits Germany
Map of the best bits Hungary
Map of the best bits Italy
Mexico Map Lost Wanders
Lost Wanders map of the Netherlands
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Lost Wanders Map of Switzerland

How to travel better for less

These are the companies I use to travel the world for less. The reason long term travel is cheaper than you think is often down to shopping around for a great deal, here I’ve done the hard work for you!

Skyscanner – For flights at the best prices this is my go to site. I have also started using them for car hire and they can’t be beat!

Booking.com – I always book with this site if looking for cheap accommodation as the filters are so easy to use. Become a genius member after five bookings and get great discounts too!

Air BnB – Sometimes you can find great local places to stay on Air BnB. In some countries, like Cuba, it’s the only way to book!

Transferwise – A debit card you can use all over the world and get great exchange rates with no hidden fees. This bank has saved me £100’s in bank fees!

Monzo – A similar travel card to the above with additional features like joint accounts and bill splitting.

World Nomads – Travel insurance is one of the most important things you can have while travelling. Don’t leave home without it! World Nomads provide the very best cover.

What to pack – Here is my ultimate list of what to pack for every trip, available on Amazon. Plus eco friendly alternatives to your toiletries.

Omio – The place to go for all of your public transport needs in Europe. Save a bundle!

G Adventures – A sustainable, fun, responsible travel company. I’ve travelled with them many times and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of their amazing trips of a lifetime.

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