Want to be more sustainable? Ever feel like the world is doomed if we carry as ‘normal’?

Fast fashion is destroying the environment, but you don’t have to be a part of it. You have the choice.

The new Lost Wanders travel range is good to the environment. And super comfy. Don’t miss out!


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Introducing the Conscious Collection

Products are either made of 100% organic cotton or feature a combination of organic cotton and recycled materials.

All products are made of fibres that require little or no pesticides to grow and avoid contributions to air, water and land pollution.

These products are cruelty-free, made from non-animal fibres, and are harvested in animal-friendly ways (with reduced impact on their habitats).

The materials used in these products also contribute to green practices that reduce the use of resources like water and energy.

Why shop eco?


Cheap fabrics like polyester, nylon, polyamide and acrylic fibres can omit pollutants and micro plastics into water systems. Many practices in the clothing industry are unsustainable and lead to pollution and toxins being released in to the environment. While fast fashion may be cheap it has many negative affects on the environment and leads to waste on a huge scale. Thirteen million tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year in America alone. 


So what can we do?


Luckily for us the answer is simple. Buy ethical products that are produced with sustainability in mind, and buy to last, not throw away. Here at Lost Wanders we are passionate about sustainable fashion so have created this range to make it easy for you to get packed for your next trip.


Read more on the ‘Fashion Revolution’ here.

Buy sustainable fashion made out of bamboo. A wonder product that reduces industry impacts. BAM is making the world a better place, one piece of clothing at a time.

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