The Beginning

So back in October 2016 I clicked on a link on Facebook that would change my life (no I’m not trying to sell you a dodgy pyramid scheme). I saw a post through a friends liked page for a job as a trip driver in Europe, almost on a whim I excitedly filled in the form listing my travelling accomplishments and thinking wouldn’t that be funny if I drove a bus around Europe and went travelling for a living! At the time I was one year in to the first real career I have ever had working for a corporate office in the city, a promotion in the pipeline well on the way to a “normal” life with a mortgage.

But I only went and got the interview, and then the job! Now for those of you that know me I have been obsessed with travel for a long time, having now visited 21 countries I consider myself a bit of a wanderer. But packing up everything and doing it full time, that’s a whole different ball game: Far too tempting to pass up though! In the months since I have been going to my 9-5, Monday to Friday dreaming about the possibility of leaving the rat race. Can I really leave my sensible job and travel for a living? Can I live without most of my material possessions and hardly see my friends and family? Do I have the guts to leave my safe career and risk it all on the chance of something I think I might love doing?

In the last couple of months I’ve learnt to drive a bus (easier said than done), cancelled all of my direct debits, sold a lot of my stuff, unsubscribed from all my subscriptions and generally prepared to disappear from the face of the earth! Back in October after the interview I read a blog from Wandering Earl on “How to live a life of travel?”. It didn’t so much convince me to go for it as confirm my suspicions that there are other people out there doing what they love every day. Other people like me who strive for a life less ordinary; to travel, meet new people and live in the moment. It also inspired me to start up my blog, a way for me to share my travel stories, meet other wanderers and keep friends and family informed of my whereabouts. It’s something I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so far, if somewhat retrospectively, and can’t wait to continue when I finally get on the road again! I hope it might inspire someone else like Wandering Earl and countless other bloggers have inspired me.

I will spend the next two months training, travelling through 20 countries to see if I have what it takes to travel for a living. I will keep my Instagram updated with the latest travel pics and hopefully have some great stories to tell along the way.

I never really knew what I wanted to do through school and college. I have had a few jobs since some great some not so brilliant, but  have always tried my best, and every interview they ask the same thing; what is your five year plan? I never had a clue always babbling on about progressing with the company or something; I haven’t made five years in one place yet. But now I actually have a five year plan!

The awesome reactions and support I have had from family, friends and colleagues have really given me the confidence to go for it and know that if I didn’t take the chance I would always regret it. So here’s to living life, adventure and following your dreams.

Jo Williams

A Brit that got fed up of the 9 to 5 corporate life, I sold everything to become a full time wanderer. Having travelled to over 70 countries so far, I share my money-saving tips and secrets from inside the travel industry. Hoping to inspire you to work less and travel more.

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