The Top 5 Eats In Budapest

I can’t think of Hungary without imagining a big hearty bowl of Goulash but that’s not all Budapest has to offer on the culinary scene. Due to a rich history and a modern day mix of cultures the food in the capital is unique not to mention delicious! Find out the top 5 places to eat in Budapest below.

1. Mazel Tov

Israeli cuisine might not be your first go to in Hungary but I can tell you it’s the top place on my list of places to go in Budapest. Situated in the hip Jewish ghetto amongst the ruin bars this restaurant serves up some of the tastiest meals around. The vast atrium style hall is covered in hanging plants making for some great Insta photos too. Just be sure to arrive early as this place is just as popular with locals as it is with tourists and queues can stretch right out of the door!

2. Stika

Head just around the corner for some of the best breakfasts in Budapest. Eggs Benedict is what this Gastropub is best known for but stika-round for the cocktails they’re just as delicious. The cosy atmosphere is perfect for a late brunch or early dinner.

3. Gettó Gulyás

Try the best of the local Hungarian cuisine at this super instagrammable bistro. Paprika is king here, where the menu is small and each dish is prepared with a lot of love.

4. Kiosk Budapest

A little further out is another great Hungarian restaurant with a mix of other influences from around the world. Each dish is a little masterpiece of flavour and colour. The large restaurant has big open outdoor areas and is popular with locals on warm summer evenings. The real star of the show are the desserts, make sure to not miss out!

Top tip: For a less crowded spa experience head over the river from Kiosk to Rudas baths where you can enjoy a rooftop pool and views over the city.

5. Street Food Karavan

Right next to the infamous ruin bar Szimpla Kert is one of the best spots to eat in Budapest. A food court with some of the best food trucks around. With everything from burgers to chimney cakes make sure to arrive hungry as you’ll be sure to want to try it all!

Don’t miss Szechenyi baths while in Budapest!

Budapest is a treat, with so much great food and cool areas to explore it is one of Europe’s true hidden treasures.

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