The Top 5 Eats In Kiev

Kiev is so trendy it rivals Berlin and Budapest for great spots to eat at. A meal is an ordeal here, but in a good way. Better yet are the prices! The foodie scene is exploding with tastes from all over the world. Some of the best restaurants in town include hidden entrances with secret passwords and even fake fronts like the butcher shop that leads to one of the best Steaks in the city (The Steakhouse). Check out the top 5 eats in Kiev here.

1. Chicken Kiev

For the best chicken Kiev in town head to aptly named Chicken Kiev! The signature dish comes with truffle mash and baked veg. For just 3 to 4 Euros a dish this place may look fancy but the prices certainly aren’t!

2. Milk Bar

If you’re after a trendy brunch then look no further than the Milk Bar. Situated in the hipster district right in the centre of the city, it is bustling throughout the day but well worth the wait. Whether it’s a healthy avocado and eggs on toast or a rustic fried chicken sandwich you’re sure to find something that fits the bill. The desserts are the real stars though with a chocolate brownie worth going back for!

Dreamy eggs and avo on toast!

3. The Last Barricade

Through a nondescript grey door in an underground passage of the Globus mall in Maidan square lies a hidden gem. You will need a password (spoken in Ukrainian) to enter. You are then taken through hidden doors and bond style bars to a secret library and underground restaurant. Steaks are well aged and cocktails are full of unusual ingredients.

The Last Barricade Entrance Kiev
The Last Barricade Entrance Kiev

4. Puzata Hata

For a truly Ukrainian feast head to the self service buffet style wonder that is Puzata Hata. The food is cheap so fill your plate with local delicacies and sweet treats. Try the varenyky, snack size dumplings filled with different meats, veggies and some sweet fruit fillings traditionally served in a creamy sauce.

5. The Life of Wonderful People

This is a hot spot for locals. With brunches to drool over, cakes that make you re-evaluate what lunch should consist of and meaty treats for later it’s not hard to see why. Cocktails are sorted by superhero symbols, Batman and Spiderman adorn the walls in the form of 17th century oil paintings and a library makes up the back wall. Normal this place is not. From the menu get a ‘not an ordinary cappuccino’ or perhaps a ‘chocolate temptation’, not much explanations given but the results speak for themselves.

The entrance. Don’t look for the English name because you won’t find it!

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