The Top 5 Eats In Prague

Prague doesn’t always top lists as the city with the best restaurants or most trendy cafés. People usually come for the gothic architecture and centuries of Communist history. But there are some great treasures to be found right in the heart of old town. From local dishes to authentic Asian food here are some of my favourites.

1. Crème de la Crème

A fresh 50’s style cafe serving up the best ice creams and desserts around. Don’t let the queue out the door put you off as most people are just grabbing a take away ice cream. Grab a cuppa and take a seat to soak in the atmosphere.

2. Staroměstský pivovar U Supa

A micro brewery with classic Czech dishes such as crispy pork knuckle and beef rib with a sumptuous mustard glaze. Grab a beer tasting platter to find your perfect drink. Located right next to old town square it’s the perfect spot to spend an evening or two.

3. Modrý Zub

Asian food at its finest. The waitresses aren’t shy in telling you their favourite items on the menu. The Pad Thai is the perfect antidote to the meat heavy Czech cuisine you have been stuffed with so far! And not a bread roll in sight!

4. Lokál

A trendy industrial style restaurant serving local Czech dishes with a modern twist. This places reviews speak for themselves. Serving up food with local ingredients and local prices, Lokal gets a mention in all the best restaurant lists in Prague including the Telegraphs “10 of the best restaurants in Prague”.

5. T-Anker

For the best view in Prague head to the top floor of Kotva department store. Here you can grab a cold drink and a light lunch while surveying the beautiful skyline of the city. Every ornate gothic spire from the astronomical clock to the Prague castle can be seen from this chill spot. There’s even a bar here if you arrive late.

For all of these places and more of my favourite spots in Prague, check out this link to Google maps.

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