Top 5 things to do in Mirissa – Sri Lanka

1. Find The Secret Beach

Secret Beach Mirissa
Secret Beach

Take a ten minute Tuk tuk ride from the main road to the Secret Beach. You will get dropped off above a small dirt track, follow this down until you reach the ocean were you will discover a little slice of paradise. A pristine beach awaits with a calm natural pool protected by rocks from the ocean waves. Grab a drink from the bar or take a stroll over the rocks where you can see gobies and hermit crabs scuttling around in the wash.

2. Go Whale Watching

Blue Whale Fluke
Indian Blue Whale

Perhaps the number one reason tourists started coming to Mirissa as the coast off of Sri Lanka is amazing for whale watching. With frequent visitors such as the Indian Blue Whale and huge pods of Spinner Dolphins it’s definitely one not to miss. November to April is high season with December to March being the best time for sightings as the waters are calmer. Many outfitters share boats when numbers are low so look for the best price locally it can be anywhere from $12 to $50 depending on group size and season. A good place to start is Raja and the Whales who have been trading for several years and have many good reviews.

3. Get Snap Happy On Coconut Tree Hill

Mirissa beach Sri Lanka

Take a stroll east along the beach at low tide to a dreamy cluster of palm trees jutting out of the coastline. It’s a paradise for photographers. Avoid coming at sunset unless you want to be over run with hoards of Insta’ boyfriends capturing every angle of their beloved in a floppy straw hat and pre-packed heals (no these are not practical beach wear!). Check it out on google maps here.

4. Catch The Sunset On Parrot Rock

Sunset view from Parrot Rock
The view from the top

At the far end of Mirissa beach there is a large rock that begs to be climbed. Wade through the water and climb up some rickety stairs bodged together with a bit of bamboo to get great views of the whole beach and beyond. Grab some tins or a bottle of vino and catch a sunset from one of the benches on top.

5. Spend The Day In Galle Fort Or Unawatuna

Pedlar Street Galle Fort
Pedlar Street – Galle Fort

About a 45 minute drive by bus up the coastline Unawatuna is a must see. Stop in for a mouthwatering treat at Tom’s Deli or hit up the main street for local handicrafts and clothing. Galle is just 10 minutes further by Tuk Tuk and worth a day on it’s own. Galle Fort is packed with European restaurants and colonial Dutch buildings that make it a world heritage site.

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