Top ten Christmas presents for the traveller in your life

Stuck for ideas this Christmas? If you can’t quite afford that weekend in Prague for a special someone  or the Christmas markets in Vienna, get these travel inspired gifts instead. I have put together my top 10 travel gifts for this Christmas that every traveller is sure to love. Click on the pictures below to go straight to Amazon, but hurry as last order dates before the big day are creeping up on us!




1. Noise Cancelling Headphones


If there’s one thing every traveller needs it’s noise cancelling headphones. Hostels are noisy places to try and sleep and planes aren’t much better. With these top rated headphones from Amazon you can rest easy, the best thing is, as they aren’t a known brand, they’re half the price of similar ones on the market.



2. Travel Scarf With Secret Pocket


So I don’t know about you but women’s clothes infuriate me with their lack of pockets. Travelling means you need a safe place to store all of your various documents and gadgets. Although I did recently buy a money belt (full disclosure, don’t judge) it’s not the most convenient thing to be rooting around in at the airport when you need your passport. This scarf is the answer!


3. Lifestraw


I have been going on about these for years, and will continue to until everyone I know owns one! The Lifestraw means you can drink water from anywhere around the world; Gross Asian airport toilet tap? Yes. River in Guatemala? Yes. London tap water? Yes! This handy new universal one gives you two attachments so you can fit it to your own bottles and save the environment while you’re at it.


4. Shea Butter


This organic and natural product is an all rounder for any traveller tight on liquid allowance. As hair nourishment, skin moisturiser, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing cream it ‘kills many birds in one stone’ without harming a fly. It is my number one essential take everywhere product.




5. Chillies Thermal Bottles


Now we all know plastic bottles are terrible for the planet but so are takeaway cups. Travellers can eliminate the need for either with one easy to carry product. The best thing is Chillies bottles come in loads of unique and personal designs and are compatible with the universal Lifestraw.


6. Nomadic Matt’s Written A Book


For anyone interested in the world of travel blogging or travelling for a living Nomadic Matt is pretty much god. He went from a backpacker with nothing to running the leading budget travel site on the internet, not to mention changing the face of travel while he was at it. A truly inspiring story and must read for any serious traveller.



7. Hanging Toiletry Bag


One of the best investments for when someone’s always on the go is a hanging toiletry bag. They’re invaluable for when the sink isn’t big enough and you end up with your stuff falling out everywhere when it inevitably falls off. Hang it on the towel rack, sorted.



8. Folding Electric Kettle


We all know that one person who takes Yorkshire teabags to the farthest reaches of the continent in the hopes of a decent brew (that person is me). But shock horror, the 20 bed dorm room in Ljubljana doesn’t have a kettle! Fret no more, Amazon has this cute little fold up you can take with you. If anyone’s wondering what to buy me for Christmas…




9. Sony Compact Camera


Everyone loves a good holiday picture but sometimes phones just don’t cut it. Up your loved one’s Insta game with this easy to use camera (It’s the one I use for all of my travel photos). The 30x Optical Zoom means you can get closeups of wildlife and epic architecture from anywhere in the world that you may end up.


10. Herschel Backpack


This is the perfect day pack for any trip away. It’s classy design and secure laptop sleeve means you don’t need to look like a dorky tourist when you have to carry around a hoard of travel gear. Did I mention women’s clothes don’t have pockets?


So that’s my top 10 travel accessories for Christmas this year. Great for gifts for that vagabond in your life, or if that nomad is you, treat yo’self!

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