Travel reading – Books to inspire you this winter

These cold dark months can make you feel a world away from the happy, warm world of travel. If your next trip is further away than you’d like fill the void with these top travel reads. From Nomadic Matts epic biography of a life in travel to G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip on his revolutionary business practices in the travel world.



Only two seats left



The story of John Anderson, a backpacker from New Zealand with hardly any money to his name, coming to Europe and starting the leading youth travel company in the world is one full of highs and a few lows. From his first group working out he had no idea what he was doing while driving the busy streets of Paris (and carrying on with the trip anyway), to betting his last funds in Monaco and winning just enough to complete the trip. This book is a great look at how taking a gamble in life can pay off big time.


Step By Step




World renowned explorer Simon Reeve is best known for his BBC documentaries around the world but his books are equally captivating. Step by step tells his story, from his lack of qualifications at school to the moments that would change his life forever.2022






Bruce Poon Tip is one seriously interesting guy! Whether you love G Adventures, are interested in business and the key to success, or simply want to know a bit more about the travel industry, this is the book for you! Even the Dalai Lama makes a few astonishing appearances in this feel good look at the G founders life.


Ten Years A Nomad




If you haven’t heard of Nomadic Matt during your travels you haven’t been to the right places! King of the budget travel blogging world, Matt Kepnes takes a closer look at his nomadic life. His success as the worlds leading travel blogger sometimes coming at the price of the true freedoms of the travel he always dreamed of pursuing. A great insight in to the real life that so many travellers dream of living.


The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k




Though not strictly a travel book Mark Manson is a hard man to ignore for anyone that’s curious about the intricacies of life and our own meaning within it. He is for all intents and purposes an anti social man with a simple message; focus on what matters. The book has some brilliant comedic moments and is a great look at the intricate mess that is the human psyche.


East Of Croydon




Another traveller of BBC fame Sue Perkins, also known for her comic work with buns on “The Great British Bake Off”, brings her quirky sense of humour with her to Southern Asia. Part memoir, part travel guide, this laugh out loud book will pull at every emotion all the way through.


Just some of the best reads around this winter to keep your travel toes warm until your next trip. Any other suggestions? Drop a comment below.


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