What To Pack For Every Trip- Top 10 Accessories For Girls Who Travel

What to pack is a lifelong conundrum for us ladies who travel. I find living out of a suitcase is a great way to cut down on my wardrobe. But if we’re totally honest we don’t really need that pair of heels, 20 scarves or bag full of makeup either (there’s always room for the straighteners though!). Here are some essentials that we all need to help make life on the road a lot easier.

1 – Osprey 40l Fairview ladies backpack

Number one on my what to pack list is more what to pack it in. This hand luggage compliant pack is ideal for short trips or for girls who travel long term (if you can pack light). With a suitcase like zip opening it makes getting to your stuff a lot easier than the  traditional stuff packs while still having a sturdy frame and shoulder straps for comfy carrying. Typically for Osprey it is very well made and hard-wearing, I’ve used this pack throughout Asia and absolutely love it! Loads of handy lockable compartments for all your gadgets. They do come in larger sizes also, but my advice is to always travel light! You can squeeze in a good 10/15kg – just don’t forget you still have to carry it!

2 – Fold up backpack/ shopping bag

An essential for every traveller or eco conscious shopper. Any good outdoor shop should sell a fold up backpack, they are great for short hikes, trips to the beach or carrying those extra pair of shoes you couldn’t live without! Nylon shopping bags are great for wash bags, separating clothes/shoes in the pack, carrying swimwear and yes even for going shopping.

3 – Solar power bank

Power banks are a modern day essential with all of the devices a modern day traveller carries around. The trouble is in the more remote parts of the world there isn’t always an easy power source to charge it back up or inevitably the one plug in the hostel room has a lot of competition. Pick up a solar power bank from Amazon and you’ll never need to worry again!

4 – Shampoo bar

Another shower essential for girls who travel. If you’re doing a lot of short haul flights with hand luggage you can’t carry liquids over 100ml. With a shampoo bar you don’t need to, they last for months and stay solid in a neat little tin. They are also great on the environment cutting down on plastics not to mention saving you  money. Get yours from Lush for delicious scents and why not grab a soap bar too.

5 – World adaptor

What plugs do Japan use? Are they the same as South Korea? With an all purpose world adaptor you don’t need to worry as they work everywhere and accept all kinds of plugs. Get one with four or more USB ports and never have to choose between charging the camera or the phone again.

6 – Microfiber towel and free quick drying shower bag

Any good outdoor shop sells small, compact and fast drying microfiber towels. I recommend a soft pile rather than smooth for better drying like the one from Amazon below. For years my shower bags have been free! Travel towels come in a net bag that they’re unlikely to ever go back in once unpacked. Perfect for showers and quick to drain and dry.

7 – Reusable bottle or filtered

There are loads of great reusable water bottles on the market now to reduce single use. I always carry a small fold up bottle, great for airports and sticking in a backpack. A filtered bottle like the Lifestraw Go is more useful if going places with iffy water or if you have a sensitive stomach.

8 – Sonic Chic Urban toothbrush

A portable electronic toothbrush that lasts for months on a single battery. I don’t go anywhere without mine! They even come in heaps of cool patterns on Amazon and they last for YEARS! Just replace the battery and heads.

9 – Mooncup/ organicup

For any girls who travel this is a must have! Gone are the days of carrying around a haul of bulky pads or worse trying to buy the right ones in a country where you can’t speak the language. Google the reviews and wonder why you ever bothered to use anything else. Less waste for landfill as well as your purse.

10 – Projector and speakers

This is great for long term travel if you can’t bear to watch another epic blockbuster on a phone screen. Mini projectors are small, compact and coming down in price. Weather resistant portable speakers are great for films, ad-hoc beach parties or just listening to your favourite tunes. If the projectors a little pricey grab a Roku or Amazon prime stick and turn hotel TVs into an internet TV to stream Netflix etc.

So there we have it. Ten essential items to pack for ladies that travel. Want more ideas? Head over to Lost Wanders on Amazon to check out all of the top travel buys as well as the camera’s I use to capture my photographs!

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